Hotel Le Prussien

The ten sumptuous rooms are made of wood and old stones and will, within the space of a night, enchant you. Add enjoying one's food to your love journey benefiting of our special packages Dream for two or Romantic.

Each room (no smoking room) is unique in its arrangement and decor.


Virtual Tour
To enjoy a unique visual experience, we suggest you look at our 360° Virtual Tour of 30 panoramic views! It enables you to visit all the aspects of our establishment. ! You need Adobe Flash 10 plugin.


360 Rooms 360 Bathrooms
Hôtel-Restaurant La Maison du Prussien - Rue des Tunnels 11 - CH-2000 Neuchâtel - Tél: 041 (0)32 730 54 54 - Fax: 041 (0)32 730 21 43